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Benefits of Customer Loyalty Programs for Tanning Studio

Are you the owner of a tanning studio and want to increase customer retention and increase your customer base? If yes, by implementing a customer rewards program for your tanning studio, you can foster a close-knit community of a loyal and regular group of customers who will visit your tanning studio every time they need a tan!

Extending discounts and special offers to your customers is a tried and tested strategy to ensure that you build a regular stream of customers at your tanning studio. By giving these discounts and offers a framework, and using a Loyalty Solution for Tanning Studios to help in executing the program, you can easily cultivate customer loyalty. This will support a sustainable and consistent business growth and also benefit regular customers.

Customer Engagement and Retention with Loyalty Solutions

Despite the increasing number of people who regularly visit tanning studios to get a skin tone of their choice, many new tanning studios keep cropping up and attract customers from already established studios with low prices and freebies. In such a situation, you need to be on your toes all the time and constantly keep engaging your existing customers with unique offers, discounts, and packages. This is where a strategic customer loyalty program for tanning studios can come to your aid and help you retain customers.

You can use the following practices to make your loyalty program dynamic and engaging:

  1. Award customers reward points every time they visit your studio for a tanning session.
  2. Offer every nth session at a discounted price or for free.
  3. Allow your customers to refer their friends and family in exchange for reward points and discounts.

The following are some of the ways in which Loyera, an intelligent cloud-based Loyalty Software for Tanning Studios, can help your customer loyalty program:

  1. Send personalized messages to thank customers after each visit
  2. Remind customers about scheduled appointments and on special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries
  3. Communicate limited-period offers and discounts to customers
  4. Segregate recurring customers based on the frequency of their visit and preferred tanning package so that you can offer relevant and customized offers

By helping you automate the process, Loyera offers you the liberty to run your loyalty program your way and focus exclusively on providing your patrons with a unique experience.

The Many Features of Loyera

Loyera offers two different apps – Loyera Business App (for Business Merchants) and Loyera Member App (for customers). Both the apps are extremely user-friendly and provide merchants and customers with a wide variety of practical and handy features. Furthermore, the loyalty solution allows businesses to segregate customers based on their preferences and tastes, and hence target them with more relevant offers and discounts.

In addition to the same, business owners also get essential insights based on the hordes of customer data which is collected every time they visit your tanning studio. This equips your business with the power of data and allows you to base your business decision in evidence, not on intuition.

Loyera has inclusive and flexible pricing plans, keeping in mind the diversity of businesses in the market. The best part: standalone tanning studios can enjoy all the features of Loyera for no cost at all!  Loyera also has on offer multi-location loyalty solutions and white label solutions for your tanning studio.

Signing up with Loyera

Getting started with Loyera is simple and convenient. All you have to do is sign up on Loyera and register your tanning studio on the Loyera Business App. After configuring your loyalty settings and choosing a relevant plan, all you have to do is get your customers onboard. You can promote your customer rewards program through social media or educate your existing customers about the same when they drop by. That’s pretty much it! You can start executing your loyalty program for tanning studios right there and then. Therefore, to create a healthy and thriving program, you must continually add customers to join your loyalty network.

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