With point of sale hardware getting sleeker and cheaper, and customers demanding efficiency and higher levels of convenience, mobile point of sale software are the way to go for retailers and other businesses.

You can opt for paid and free POS software for mobile devices that are used at POS counters, at customer tables, and on self-checkout devices. These mPOS apps are popularly used with card reading accessories or solutions to process payments.

As per a study by Transparency Market Research (TMR), the mobile POS market is expected to rise from US$4.21 billion in 2017, at CAGR of 35.40%, to US$47.7 billion in 2025. The industries that use mPOS across the world include restaurants, hospitality, retail, warehouse/distribution, transportation, healthcare, etc.

Some of the mobile POS trends that are defining this growth and widespread adoption of mPOS are as follows:


Mobile POS systems are cheaper to subscribe to and install. They can be used with dedicated or existing tablets and smartphones, making them very cost-effective. Free POS software like Loyera can be installed on computer and mobile devices, allowing small, mid and large-sized businesses to easily access a sophisticate POS software to streamline sales, inventory, staff and revenue management.

mPOS systems are portable and are not fixed to one cash register, and hence they can cover larger retail area per device.


Easy implementation & use

mPOS software are easy to adapt, as they require minimal staff training. mPOS systems are largely used on Android or iOS mobile devices, which are used by people on day-to-day basis. Therefore mobile POS software designed to use with such operating software are easy to adopt. This saves a lot of money and effort spent on training staff to use POS software.

mPOS software generally have easy-to-use interface, enabling staff to carry out sales and other activities efficiently.

Easy & affordable integration

Mobile POS systems can be easily integrated with cash registers and card readers compatible with mobile devices. This makes mPOS software more popular among start-ups and small to mid-sized businesses. With mobile card readers, mPOS systems can be used to process sales from any on or off-site location. Card readers for mPOS software are usually very affordable, and hence can be installed in a cost-effective manner.

Integration of POS with Loyalty management software and e-commerce is also made possible with mPOS software like Loyera.

Portable & space saving

One of the biggest advantages of mobile POS software is that they are portable and can be used from any location—on or off-site. Portability of mPOS software enables industries like Warehouses/distribution, transportation, freelancers, consultants, etc. to use such software conveniently and effectively. mPOS software make real-time data accessible to managers and owners to take sound business decisions.

Such software solutions are installed on tablets and smartphones, which occupy very little space, allowing availability of space for other important sales or marketing-related activities.

Paid and free POS software for mobile devices are being increasingly adopted by businesses of all sizes, due to the above trends. Even low-cost mPOS software offer sophisticated features and functionalities to manage businesses to maximize revenue and reach business potential.

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