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POS software for toy stores

Toy stores deal with a large inventory and hence need to have a systematic POS system to ensure that all the resources are utilized optimally. It is also important for toy stores to engage customers and retain them over a period of time, so that marketing investment can generate maximum returns.

POS software for toy stores help achieve efficiency in processing sales, managing inventory and collecting customer data. Customer engagement and retention becomes easy if toy stores offer products prefered by customers at good prices and if good marketing collaterals are produced. This can made possible with the help of a comprehensive toy store management software.

Generally, small and large toy stores have to install extensive hardware to implement POS. However with Loyera POS, businesses of all sizes can install point of sale software on any computer or mobile device. This enables businesses to use POS without purchasing dedicated POS devices or spending large sums of money.

Best POS practices for toy stores

Toy store billing software solutions are utilized to achieve a lot sales and operations objectives. Here are few best POS software practices followed by toy stores:

  1. Collection of customer data is undertaken at point of sale. This data is used for marketing and to analyze customer behaviour and preferences.
  2. Management of inventory is done through POS software for toy stores. This helps keep an optimal amount of stock for each product.
  3. Marketing activities like Email and SMS marketing is conducted to attract back registered customers.
  4. Offers and discounts are offered to customer purchasing in large quantities or to return customers.
  5. POS software are used to manage customer loyalty, so that customers return to the store again and again
  6. E-commerce websites are used in sync with POS software to sell to a wider audience
  7. Customer data is analyzed to identify bestselling products in different seasons

Loyera POS software for toy stores has various features which help businesses to carryout the above best practices:

  1. Account setup is possible for more than one outlet, using a unique business account
  2. Ecommerce add-on allows online selling and management of inventory centrally
  3. Loyalty add-on helps rewards customers to retain them
  4. Order management and log access enables easy processing of toy sales and analysis of purchase data to optimize inventory
  5. Payment log helps understand which orders are complete and pending
  6. Promotions and discounts can be created by managers for new or existing customers
  7. Hardware independence of Loyera POS enables small businesses to install POS effectively without much hardware cost

Benefits of Loyera for toy stores and their customers

Loyera toy store billing software helps businesses streamline their sales, marketing, inventory, staff and customer loyalty management. With all the departments in sync, toy stores can reach their potential revenue by retain existing customers and attracting new ones.

Customers at toy stores are served with efficiency at point of sale by staff who have access to easy-to-use interface of Loyera order management. Staff can issue discounts, enter customer information in the system, and add new products to the POS system to ensure that all the transactions are successfully recorded in the system. Print and e-receipts can be issued to customers through Loyera.

Loyera POS is hardware-independent. Therefore, it can be installed on even mobile phone and used throughout the business to seamlessly streamline and connect all the departments.

It is cloud-based, and hence all staff members and owners can access real-time updated data from anywhere, anytime. This makes management of various departments easy.

With Loyera, toy stores are placed on the local map, and hence cost-effective marketing is made possible among local customers.

Customers can also download Loyera app to find local toy stores, track their loyalty reward earned from different stores, access discounts offered by stores, and provide feedback to stores about their products and services.

How to get started with Loyera

Getting started with Loyera is easy and cost-effective for small and large toy stores, as it is hardware-independent and can be installed even on mobile phones. After free installation, Loyera can be used by businesses for free.

A Loyera account can be easily set up with basic business information and at least one retail outlet and product. Sales staff can use a computer, tablet or smartphone to access Loyera POS and process sales.

Managers of toy stores can immediately start accessing order, payment and customer data through cloud-based Loyera POS to be able to take sound business decisions.

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