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Loyalty Software for Travel Agents

The travel industry is vast and is growing rapidly on both buyer and seller fronts. With so many destinations opening up and with the number of domestic and international customers rising, new and seasoned travel agents are gearing up with itineraries that offer the best value to their customers.

The competition is fierce and retaining a customer from one season to another is challenging. Travel agents need to have a strong pull factor to ensure that travellers are interested in travelling with them again.

They have to take care of all the needs of the traveller, right from planning, paying, and travelling till returning from the trip. It has to go smoothly and enjoyably, with a few value additions sprinkled here and there to really hook travellers to an agent’s services.

A loyalty software for travel agents can be used to track delivery of great services, and to ensure that the customers feel satisfied.

How to retain customers for a travel agency

There are various practices employed by various travel agents to ensure that they retain their customers, but only a few have the desired impact.

Value is offered to customers to retain them for future purchases, increase their lifetime value, and get referrals from them.

A good value proposition also attracts new customers besides retaining old ones.

Here are a few ways in which agents can offer loyalty incentives to customers using a good travel agent loyalty software:

  1. Reward points on purchases made by customers, like flying miles awarded by airlines
  2. Have loyal traveller tiers, with differentiated benefits, so that customers travel with you more to reach a higher tier of loyalty and get more benefits
  3. Allow travellers to add money to their wallet to use it for future travels
  4. Give travel filters like budget, preferred weather, etc. to offer appropriate tour choices to customers
  5. Allow for payment in instalments, before the trip
  6. Have a dedicated business manager available on call for each traveller, so that they can communicate concerns when required
  7. Arrange the trip with quality standards, so that travellers have a smooth journey
  8. Communicate particulars of the trips clearly to ensure customers get everything they are promised

Engage customers with regular offers and promotions, as per their preferred travel choices

Loyera loyalty software for travel agents can help implement these loyalty activities. It has various wonderful functionalities that will help your business retain and gain customers to reach its potential.

  1. Add customers to the loyalty network from anywhere, anytime, as the software is cloud-based
  2. Add various currency options to the loyalty program for getting payments and giving rewards
  3. Allow customers to add money to their wallet to use for future tours
  4. Create various tiers of loyalty
  5. Analyze customer data to identify bestselling tours and understand what customers prefer
  6. Easily send offer and promotion notifications to customers

Benefits for both travel agents and travellers

Loyera is a travel agent loyalty app that helps cost-effectively set up a loyalty program.

It helps add customers to the loyalty program instantly after installation of the loyalty software for travel agents.

Travel agents can offer a convenient communication channel to its customers by allowing them to give feedback. Travellers can be given reward points on every tour purchased. The reward points can be redeemed on purchase of future tours taken by customers. Sign up and referral rewards can be given to get more customers added to the loyalty network.

Customer data is available to travel agents to analyze and understand what works for their customers. Data helps understand how effective a travel agent’s services and loyalty rewards are in retaining customers and increasing their basket size. When rightly used, data can be a valuable tool for strategizing to optimize one’s offering.

Travellers can also download and install Loyera reward app on their mobile phones, and track rewards offered by their travel agents. They can access a log of their travel history with a travel agent and also get regular updates on latest offers and promotions offered by their agent.

Easy and free installation with Loyera

Loyera rewards solution for travel agents is free to install and use. It can be installed with no additional expenditure on a computer, UPS, CPU, keyboard, mouse, POS software, etc. that are traditionally required to run a loyalty software. Travel agents can use any device, including their mobile phone to install Loyera.

After installation, one can set up a business profile with various branches and staff member profiles to be able to use the loyalty app across all outlets and offices.

Customers are automatically added to agent’s loyalty network when a purchase is made by them.

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