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POS software for travel agents

Travel agents offer various travel-related services including bookings for lodging, flights, taxi, train, adventure sports and other activities.

With over 1.3 billion annual arrivals occurring throughout the world, travel agents have no dearth of customers. They just need to identify their target market and offer them the best services to retain them over time. To be able to do this, travel agents need to manage sales, promote themselves, retain customers, manage sales staff, and maintain inventory. All this can be done with the help of a POS software for travel agents.

Loyera POS enables travel agents to receive orders over the counter or online, process orders, access payment logs, manage staff, etc.

Unlike other POS software, Loyera POS is free to install and use. One can install the app on any computer or mobile device, enabling small and big travel agents to integrate an efficient POS software with their point of sale activities.

Best POS practices for travel agents

Travel agents use POS software to organize their sales process, so that maximum returns can be earned from their existing resources and customer base.

Here are a few point of sale practices followed by the best travel agents across the world to maximize their returns.

  1. Add all available services to their POS system with service variations
  2. Add service prices, attributes, availability, seats, discounts, etc.
  3. Add data of each customer to the system
  4. Send promotions and discounts to customers from time to time, as per their preferences
  5. Maintain payment and accountancy log
  6. Customer relationship management
  7. Analysis and reporting of data on sales and customers
  8. Reservation management

Loyera POS features enable travel agents to undertake various activities related to inventory management, customer management, reservations, etc.

Here are a few star features of Loyera billing software for travel agents that can help businesses reach their potential.

  1. Addition of unlimited services to the POS system including hotels, flights, taxi booking,  and travel activities.
  2. Automatic addition of all customers to the database
  3. Efficient reservation or order processing and management
  4. Easy collection of payments through various modes
  5. Recording and analysis of sales and customer data to facilitate and support business decisions
  6. Management of customer relationship through Loyera Loyalty add-on and notification feature
  7. Creation of discounts and promotions for all or individual customers
  8. Offering loyalty rewards to loyal and regular customers
  9. Addition of all outlets of travel agencies in their accounts, to manage or assess orders and payments centrally
  10. Add on of E-commerce feature to take orders online
  11. Access to order log to ensure that all the orders are successfully and timely completed
  12. Sending promotions to customers through SMSs, emails or app notifications
  13. Incentivizing customers to bring in referrals

Benefits of Loyera for travel agents and travellers

Loyera POS is an efficient travel agent management software with its features that empower travel agents to accomplish their sales and revenue goals.

Loyera order management features allow travel agents to manage reservations and bookings they receive through all their offline and online outlets.

Product management features of Loyera POS help agents to add all the services and their variations, prices, tags, attributes, discounts, etc. to the POS system.

Set up features of Loyera can be used to set up all the outlets of a travel agency with their staff IDs and payment options. One can even manage the devices that are being used with a Loyera business account by all staff members.

Promotions and offers can be created by managers to send to customers from time to time. Customers can be given rewards to suggest valid referrals. Loyalty points can be given to customers to loyal customers, so that they feel affiliated to the business and return for more business in future.

With Loyera E-commerce add-on, travel agents can widen their reach to tap potential business in new markets.

Analysis of sales and customer data can be done with the help of Loyera POS, so that sound business decisions can be made.

Travellers can also download Loyera app to keep track of their reservations with travel agents. They can keep a log of their payments and loyalty points. Customers can even discover new services offered by travel agents to explore various travel options. They can receive e-receipts through the app or emails.

How to get started with Loyera for free

Businesses can set up Loyera POS for free. They can use their existing computer or mobile devices to install Loyera.

Loyera POS can be customized to a business, and hence it has an easy-to-use interface. It requires no or minimum staff training, for implementation.

After installation, all business outlets and services can be added to Loyera POS to start selling offline and online. Customers who purchase any service can be automatically added to the system, and payment options can be set to receive payments through various modes.

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