Your Loyalty Management Software will be able to help you convert new and recurring customers into regular ones only if can identify the customers who have the potential to turn into loyalists. Let us take a look at four common types of customers, how you can identify them and how you can make them stay:

Convenience Seekers

Some of your customers might continue to do business with you simply because it is the easiest thing to do. The hassle of looking up a new product, trying it and scouting for the best deal takes time and effort. Since humans have grown to cherish comfort and convenience above all else, your customers might simply value the assurance which comes with purchasing the same product or service you offer.

How to identify them: They usually purchase the same product, no matter the discount on offer, and hardly experiment with new products.

How to make them stay: Give them more of what they want: more variety, better products, and steeper discounts. Align your promotional offers according to the frequency of their purchase.

Fleeting Loyalists

Customers who stumble upon a great offer, liked the discount, the product or the experience, and even purchased the product a couple of times, before forgetting all about it are fleeting loyalists. Your engagement with them lasts as long as you serve a need, and serve it quickly and better than others. They are otherwise ambivalent towards your brand and business, and their behavior is unpredictable.

How to identify them: Customers who have gone radio silent after making frequent purchases in a short time span.

How to make them stay: Make sure you inform them of the latest offers and engage them during festive seasons and special occasions. Automate your Loyalty Management Software to send frequent marketing and promotional information in order to increase brand awareness.

Quality Aficionados

Customers who value quality above all else and have taken a liking to one (or more) of your products are very important. If you are able to provide a quality product or service at a competitive price, they are more likely to pass on the word and help you get most customers.

How to identify them: Their bill size is higher than the average. The purchases made by them are not dependent on discounts and price markdowns.

How to make them stay: Engage them with information on new product launches and communicate offers on high-value products.

Deal Hunters

Deal hunters are loyal to one and one thing only: low prices. They simply stick to a brand or store because it offers them the best discount. Usually frugal shoppers, they aim to maximize their savings on all items, big or small. Even if they love your product, they will not hesitate to switch to your competition if offered a better price.

How to identify them: They only respond to discounts and sales.

How to make them stay: Focus on them during big sales events which offer sizeable saving opportunities. Furthermore, your Loyalty Management Software should communicate very clearly just how much money your customers are saving on every purchase.

Did we miss out on a type of customer you know of? Let us know!

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