Have you ever heard of the saying – ‘any customer is better than no customer?’ 

If you are starting a business or trying to expand the existing one, it’s significant to see every customer as equally valuable. 

However, there is a difference between one-time customers and repeat customers. 

One-time customers are often attracted by expensive advertisements and boost sales at the moment. Also, they have no intention of making another purchase or engaging beyond their initial discount-driven transaction. Conversely, repeat shoppers are willing to choose you over the competition because they know what you sell. 

While one-time shoppers are committed to finding deals, repeat customers are committed to your brand. 

How will you get more one-time customers to become repeat customers? You need to understand the five most common types of shoppers that could be visiting your store, that is:

  • Discount seekers
  • Wandering customers
  • Impulse buyers
  • Need-based shoppers
  • Loyal customers

Every shopper is not the same, and each has a particular way of shopping. With this in mind, let’s explore the type of shoppers and what you can do to turn them into visitors to customers, or even better, repeat customers.

Discount seekers are focused on the product value

Understanding discount seekers is not so hard. These shoppers search for multiple stores or brands to find the best price of the products they are looking for. Also, their buying decisions are always based on how much they can save. 

A whopping 67% of customers shop by jumping from store to store, with no loyalty to any of them. In fact, these customers exclusively care about products price and can only be convinced to revisit your store if their attention moves to other aspects of the purchase.

In that sense, you can emphasize the benefits of your products to shift the focus away from direct price or feature comparison.

Listing product features makes it easier for price-sensitive customers to compare your products to your competitors’. Therefore, highlight the benefits to shift their focus from what from your competitors while emphasizing on what sets your products apart.

Wandering customers spend a little and cost a lot

If discount seekers are the least loyal customers, wandering shoppers are right behind. Wandering customers have no idea what they want to buy, but just a desire to make purchases. These customers cannot be loyal to a brand as they simply enjoy the experience of shopping. 

Wandering customers may usually visit your store many times, but they spend the least amount of money, which in turn, decreases the percentage of sales revenue. 

Grab their attention by making their purchases convenient with a simple checkout process. There are many things you can do to attract this type of customer to your store. 

Wandering shoppers want convenient shopping. Thereby, you can offer them a seamless checkout experience without waiting in any queue. You can go a long way to encourage these customers to shop from your brand store.

Impulse buyers want to stay informed

Like wandering customers, impulse buyers do not have a specific product in mind when they shop. These types of customers simply make purchases when it sounds or feels like a good idea. 

With this mindset, impulse buyers often believe in buying the latest products. These shoppers want to stay updated and are likely to replace a perfectly good product with another continually. 

Impulse shoppers are open to recommendations and are likely to shop in industries that are rapidly changing, such as fashion, beauty, and technology. In that sense, you can keep your brand on top of their mind by encouraging them to subscribe to your newsletter. That way, you’ll be able to keep them informed and encourage them to shop from your brand.

Well, all-in-all, you need to offer a valuable reason to them for subscribing to your newsletter and find a way to keep them in the loop. 

Need-based customers do not want to make the wrong decision

While impulse customers do not have a product in their mind while they shop, need-based customers are questing for something specific. These customers are harder to upsell as they compare products across various brands but are terrified of making an uninformed decision.

If you can connect with them emotionally, it will serve as the key to building trust with customers who are afraid of choosing the wrong product. That way, you can build a strong relationship with these customers. With that trust, they can actually purchase without having second thoughts. 

With value-added marketing, you can make your brand an expert as need-based shoppers buy only the best-suited product for their requirements. And, for this, they undertake extensive research in search of expert advice. The research may include product specs, features, and every possible piece of information that could indicate your brand is better equipped to help them than others.

Therefore, value-added marketing is the perfect tool for turning one purchase into repeat purchases. Invest on some content in blogs, video tutorials, or webinars that will help every customer to acquire the knowledge and relevant resources to shop your products. 

Loyal customers

Ultimately, loyal customers are the driving force behind your brand’s overall success and longevity. These customers are likely to shop repeatedly because they genuinely know about your brand. 

Loyal customers simply generate a significant portion of your sales and even recommend your brand to other people. You can find these customers in industries where high value is placed, such as fashion, beauty, and luxury goods. All you need to make every customer loyal, is to make them feel special with a VIP loyalty software for e-commerce website.

Loyera is a web-based loyalty solution that gives your loyal customers experience as they are always in quest for brands that make them feel elite. They don’t want to feel like ‘just another customer’. This loyalty program offers VIP tiers, which is the best way to cater to this particular need.

Moreover, with VIP tiers, you can offer every customer the chance to become a member of an exclusive group of shoppers who’ll get extra benefits. These benefits could include exclusive discounts, free products, or even invitations to private events.

The ending notes

In the end, understanding different types of shoppers is the key to encouraging purchases and increasing conversions. When you know the difference between the valuable and not so valuable types of shoppers, you can deliver a brand experience to your customers that generate more repeat purchases. 

Start tailoring your marketing efforts to not only encourage them to buy but also come back to you.  

Knowing your customers will help you grow over time. It becomes a sturdy foundation for your brand’s success. 

With a web-based loyalty solution, like Loyera, you can reward your customers, retain and engage them, track their purchases, and manage their loyalty towards your brand.

To know more about this loyalty solution, drop us a line to get the expert strategies that will ensure you are successful while keeping your customers loyal to the brand.

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