Cultivating customer loyalty and trust is the result of strong and consistent efforts by businesses to make their most valued customers feel connected to their brand. While using a loyalty management solution is an important aspect of the same, using it judiciously and smartly is essential to ensure the best results. The following is a small checklist to ensure that your Loyalty Management Software effectively engages customers and builds customer loyalty:


The First Step

The customer’s first experience with the loyalty program must not only be enthralling and enjoyable but also come across as exceptionally easy. Do not complicate the process of signing up with multiple unique codes or asking for too much customer information. If at any point, the customer feels that too much is expected of them, they are most likely to abandon the registration process midway. Furthermore, the loyalty program should be designed to be visually aesthetic, clutter-free, and attractive. Lastly, you need to come up with an undeniably attractive first offer: flat X% off on the first order, or free goodies worth $X. The offer should prompt the customer to want to be a part of the loyalty program and explore features of the same. In other words, the first step should be easy, rewarding, and enjoyable.

Explain Important Features

When starting a new loyalty program, businesses should send a short, simple, and visually appealing email explaining the salient features of the program. The language should be simple and clear, free of ambiguity and it should communicate how customers can benefit from being a part of the program. The basic framework of your rewards program should, thus, be easy to understand and implement. Next, maintain a dedicated space on your website, newsletters, and social media accounts to keep elemental information regarding the program accessible to new customers. Sometimes, businesses also produce short explainer videos and promote them on their social media accounts to explain the features of the customer loyalty program.


Foster a Thrilling Experience

Your Loyalty Management Software should focus on inculcating an enjoyable and thrilling experience for customers. Therefore, in addition to simplified processes of earning and redeeming points, there should be incentives for the customer to engage continually. For instance, the program could have different levels or groups for different kinds of customers, and purchasing certain products or availing to certain deals should allow for opportunities to level up. Similarly, the software could integrate the customer’s social media account and display leader-boards among family and friends. At the end of the day, a customer will only participate in your rewards program repeatedly, if they get to save money and enjoy the process.

Give Away Bonus Points

Last but not the least, reward your customers more than the usual amount of points on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, festivals, and holidays. Furthermore, reward points for non-transactional activities like referring a friend, sharing social media posts, or participating in marketing campaigns. The idea is to make the customer feel valued by helping them save more, and thus, make them feel more connected to the brand and business. Additionally, you can explore giving bonus points in exchange for eliciting customer feedback on products, and suggestions on ways to improving customer service.  The possibilities are endless – give away bonus points when a customer gives you a review or when they participate in events organized by you. Simply configure your customer loyalty software to award points for certain activities and you’re good to go!

Do you know of some other ways in which Loyalty Management Software solutions are used to nurture loyalty among customers? Let us know!

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