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POS software for warehouses

Warehouses deal with large quantities of good from various customers. Their managers have to keep track of every shipment and stock movement to ensure that their warehouses gives good returns, and their resources are utilized to their optimal potential.

It gets cumbersome to streamline movement of large quantities of goods on daily basis, while ensuring that the customers purchasing with you today will return in the future.

To ensure that things go smoothly, warehouses can use POS software, but that usually involves spending a lot of money on software and hardware, besides training staff to use the software effectively and regularly.

Loyera POS software for warehouses is a great free tool to process sales and inventory in an organized manner. This ensures that each product in warehouses is accounted for, and it also records customer data to understand their purchase behaviour, which can be really helpful in making various business decisions for the warehouse.

Best POS Practices for warehouses

Warehouse POS software solutions are used to ensure that business is done efficiently to reach company goals. They help manage inventory, so that their are minimum losses due product expiration, misplacement, etc.

Here are a few ways in which POS software for warehouses are used to streamline sales and inventory management activities:

  1. Add all products’ stock to the system
  2. Record every sale with details of products and clients
  3. Manage stock and inventory available at an outlet of the warehouse
  4. Use data about stock movement to decide about future inventory
  5. Use data about sales to offer preferred products to customers
  6. Track sales made by the warehouse on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  7. Receiving payment or issuing of credit on every order delivered

Loyera POS software for warehouses is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface. It helps undertake all the above activities and more. Its following features can be used by warehouses to create a customized POS system to attain sales goals:

  1. Addition of unlimited products with their details, prices, variations, stock
  2. Processing sales made and recording each sale for future reference
  3. Issuing physical and e-receipts to customers
  4. Receiving payment through card, cash, and mobile wallets, and selling on credit
  5. Recording data about sales and customer preferences
  6. Receiving feedback from customers
  7. Adding staff and manager details to the system to track who processed which sale
  8. Loyalty add-on to reward customers on their purchases and to retain them
  9. E-commerce add-on to receive online orders
  10. Tracking the status of an order made

Benefits of Loyera for warehouses and customers

Loyera can be installed in a warehouse to create value for warehouse owners, managers, staff and customers.

This warehouse billing software is easy to install and use by staff members, without much training, as its user-interface is very intuitive.

One can add all the available stock to the system, and access it at any time to check the inventory available for each product, at any given point. This helps warehouse managers ensure that they always have the products that customers are likely to demand at any given point.

With Loyera POS, all sales can be processed smoothly. Customer data is automatically recorded, so that managers can understand their preferences and can reach out to them in the future to sell similar products or upsell.

Loyera Loyalty and e-commerce add-ons help make Loyera POS software a complete warehouse management system.

Customers of warehouses can also use Loyera to get the best value. They can install Loyera app on their mobile devices to track the status of their order, access their purchase log with warehouses, and receive e-receipts for every purchase. They can order online with warehouses using Loyera e-commerce add-on. Customers can also receive loyalty reward points on every purchase made.

This software makes trading a win-win for both sellers and buyers.

Free installation and use of with Loyera

Loyera billing software for warehouses is not only efficient and easy to use, but it is also free. Warehouses can install Loyera POS app on any mobile device or can use it on a computer to process sales.

Its hardware-independence ensures that it can be applied widely in a company, and with it, maximum staff contribution can be achieved.

One can add all the outlets of warehouses to Loyera software, add products with prices and all other information, and even create staff and manager IDs to streamline the sales process throughout the organization.

Upon installation and set up of business profile, one can instantly start making sales using the categories developed by managers for various products.

With Loyera POS software, selling and inventory management gets simplified.

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