While you are choosing the best customer loyalty software, the first thing that comes to mind is the reward points. Rewarding your customers may look like an expensive investment. However, providing rewarding points is just the beginning to get started. To move to the next step, you may also need to introduce redemption of reward points and integration of a loyalty program system with the distribution of these rewards to your customers, both for your online store and in-store customers.

With regular coupons, gift cards, and customer segments can create the best loyalty program for your business.

First and foremost, look for a software that can be integrated for both online stores and in-store sales, which means, whether the customers shops from your website or from your retail outlet, their points can be collected and redeemed on one software.

Besides, your loyalty software should empower you to activate the following schemes:

Multi-level structure

The best part of a loyalty program is if it offers multi-level structure architecture which can helps in dividing the entire program into segments. Each customer, in such dimensions, is always close to some reward.

However, it’s essential to introduce the entire program structure and send it over to every customer along with the invitation to join. Without reward points, a model of a loyalty program cannot be structured.

Depending on the total order amount and number of purchases, you can segment your customers. The segment’s criteria define loyal customers and divide them into different loyalty levels. With a loyalty software, you can automate the distribution of personalized emails which deliver rewards such as discount coupons and gift cards. Send emails containing graphics which informs the customer about their achieved level. Reward points have unique codes that enable customer tracking and measure your loyalty program results.

For instance: you can set a specific amount that the customer will have to spend to be a loyal member to your store. This figure can be a one-time pay a particular amount in the specific period. If they spend $300 in six months, you can invite them to join your loyalty program with a 20% discount on the next order. This is possibly be the first level of a loyalty program.

Second level: for the segment of customers who spent at least $500 in the last six months, provide them a gift card.

Third level: for the segment of customers who spent at least $600 in the last six months, you can give them 50% off on the next order.

Premium group: a segment of customers who spent at least $1000 in your store, you can reward them with a regular 20% discount, valid for one year, and even occasional gift cards for special dates and holidays.

Keep the wheels turning

Once you’ve achieved a certain level, keeping customers engaged with your brand is the biggest challenge. The risk will get higher if you don’t know whether your customers will redeem their rewards (or not) and forget about your brand completely.

If you don’t want to end up in a situation like this, gamify the journey of your customers through a dynamic loyalty program. Your customers should be kept informed about how to get these rewards, and how close they are to the next reward. To a certain extent, rewards and coupons are provided to the consumer according to the levels of the loyalty program.

The second most important part is that a loyalty program should have. Incentives should be worth coming back again and justify consumers from spending more.

Last but not least, customers should be kept updated about every progress to the top of a loyalty ladder and the distance separating them from obtaining the next reward.

Conversing with your customers through personalized emails helps you to take a step forward in transforming your clients to loyal customers.

Personalized emails, in fact, make the recipient feel like you are talking directly to them and direct communication makes your target audience feel valued and connected. Above all, direct communication further helps you target your marketing goals and even sales goals.

If you even introduce a small graphic in an email, they will amplify the customer experience and help in boosting their confidence with your brand.

The point of every game is to finish it eventually, right? Therefore, my last section covers the scalability of customer loyalty software.

Automatics and scale

If you are thinking to scale your loyalty program manually, it’s next to impossible. Automation plays an important role in any loyalty program. Your customers should be automatically linked to your multi-structure program according to the money they spend in your store, which is only possible if your loyalty program is dynamic.

Each time your customer enters one of the loyalty levels, an email with a special reward needs to be generated to their mailbox. Your loyalty system should cover all attractive offers to increase customer engagement for your products and services. For this to happen, you’ll need a proper infrastructure that includes customer’s information and dynamic customer loyalty segments based on their total spent amount monthly, half-yearly, and annually. You can also set up auto-generated emails in response to a customer’s to joining a segment create personalized emails with custom design and graphics to attract the customer. Additionally, offer customer rewards with unique codes such as gift cards and coupon codes.

You can create a true experience for your customers by following this infrastructure. The aim of running customer loyalty software is to determine your loyal and most profitable customers. These customers can then turn into faithful brand advocates. This probably is the first thing that should come to your mind when you are thinking about launching a loyalty program in your business.

Customer rewards

Coupons and gift cards have the power of flexibility and tracking possibilities. The best part of these customer rewards is that they can be tailored to the needs of a particular customer. Wrapping these rewards into a personalized message can help you track their (coupons and cards) entire lifecycle (day, date, and time, the customer gets).

This tracking is also crucial, if you want to manage a loyalty program with dynamic levels. For this reason, you need to know if your customers redeem their incentives, analyse order history and get some clues for future improvements.

Ultimately, every detail needs to be counted to have an effective and efficient loyalty program software for your customers. These details include channels or mediums the customer purchases, type of incentives the customer gets, time limit the customer redeems their incentives, or even a subject line that makes one segment of customers grow faster than others.

If you want to know which configuration works the best, you need to count the redemptions and measure customer’s performance on each level of the loyalty program.

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