A good loyalty management system should be a complete package that includes dynamic features, such as different segments, incentive personalization, integrations and API, self-service customer portal, and notifications.

For instance, a loyalty program that is not driven by artificial intelligence, will probably keep prompting irrelevant emails to your customers, eventually filling up their inboxes. Consequently, your customers will opt out of your marketing campaign and will no longer be interested in the valuable offers you send them everyday.

Your loyalty software should be capable of recognising the behavioural pattern of the customer and prepare a incentive program that interests them more. By delivering right things at the right time, you will be able to hold onto your existing customers. 

If you are doing it regularly on a regular basis, you can easily build a base for your customer loyalty program.

Let’s be more specific:

Artificial intelligence driven marketing campaigns

Your loyalty management software should be able to create campaigns based on customer behavioural pattern, which is only possible if your loyalty program is in sync with your CRM software.

If your software is driven by artificial intelligence, it will be capable of storing relevant data f loyalty campaigns. Your staff will be able to see customer profiles and history in a unified customer view if everything is stored in one place.

In the same light, you can also create loyalty incentives for your targeted customers. By browsing each profile, you can learn how to leverage complete data to launch targeted campaigns.

In the end, it all comes down to how you want to channelize your loyalty software features to drive more customers into your customers and to hold onto the existing ones.

Automated operations for using loyalty points

Running a loyalty program requires operational help from customer agents. These agents have to answer dozens of customer questions related to the terms & conditions of their rewards.

To overcome this situation, your loyalty program should enable the customer to monitor their performance and their rewards easily without needing any help from customer support executives.

This will not only reduce the work load from your staff members but also make it easier for your customers to manage their rewards points seamlessly.

This visibility increases the possibilities that people will be visiting your loyalty program often, and even marketers can use this space for advertising relevant offers.

Last of all, it is always a good idea to remind your customers to shop with you by sending them promotions through various channels but over doing it can do more harm than good.

For instance: avoid sending repeated offers to your customers or the ones that have already expired. Sending promotions based on their purchase history is always better than a general promotion which is for everyone.

If you have the right loyalty management software, it will not be very difficult to engage more customers by categorising them into different segments, through customised marketing campaigns.

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