Have you ever considered setting a benchmark in the way your business works? Most businesses do set a target for their sales but often fail to understand that the journey towards their goal is more important than the goal itself. Our journey to success is supported by the people around us and the decisions we make. 

It is important that we set a benchmark whenever we decide to bring in a new member in our business family. No matter what the size of your store is, a retail business is bound to put together a robust POS system, an effective loyalty program and an e-commerce store.

While we are all aware that finding the best ones in the market is not a very difficult job, but the catch is whether we can find one software that can run all the programs on a single platform.

Loyera, is the first ever solution in the world that has been especially designed to simplify day to day operations for a retail business. With amazing features, that you have never heard of before, this software solution is here to win your heart.

In this section, we will briefly discuss our offering in terms of software solutions:

A great Point of Sales system

This is not an ordinary POS system. Loyera is one of the most unique retail software solutions that has put together some great features to help business owners around the world to operate their sales and purchase more efficiently. Besides managing and tracking your sales, which most software already offer, you can use this software to get an insight of the customers behavior by using its intuitive analytics report system.

No matter what the size of your business is, you can register with Loyera for a single branch and enjoy the amazing features with zero cost involved. Managing orders can be simplified by integrating this software into your retail business. Your staff members can seamlessly process sales without any guide book, it’s that simple.


  1. The one of a kind: This is only the only software in the world that offers a robust platform to manage your sales, both online and in-store, along with retaining your customers through a good loyalty model.
  2. Introduce loose change: This feature enables the customers to store their loose change with a merchant and on their loyalty cards. Upon collection of a considerable amount, this change can be used by the customer for future shopping. This feature is beneficial for both the customer and the business.
  3. Local promotions: Retail business owners can become local champions by launching new promotions every day on their merchant app. These promotional adds will be displayed in member app to motivate the customer to buy more from your store.
  4. Member app: Your customers can download the Loyera Member App to see the offers and discounts on real time basis. This is the first app in the world that will enable the customer to keep a track of their shopping history for all the businesses registered under Loyera.
  5. Feedback from customers: Enhance your services and products by receiving regular feedbacks from the customers in the form of reviews. This feature will also enable the customers to review your business, your branch and even your products!
  6. Park sales: If you are stuck between sales and don’t want to abandon a customer’s order completely, you can simply park the sales of a customer and process the order when the customer is ready to pay.
  7. E-receipts: Give your customers the options to receive an e-receipt or a physical receipt through this POS system. Your customer’s receipt will always be shown in their member app.
  8. Special discount groups: Business owners can create groups on their merchant app and offer special discounts to a particular group. This way, you add a personal touch to a group of people who are loyal to your business.
  9. Analytical reports: You can use all your data to optimize your sales by observing the customer activity every now and then. This can be done through real-time analytical reports that can help you motivate your customers using their behavioral change.
  10. Smart Product Add: Adding products on your POS system is very simple. You can add in-depth details of your products that include attributes, inventory status, supplier name, product images, branch availability and variants.

An insightful loyalty program

Retaining your existing customers and acquiring new ones has never been easier. However, if you have a smart loyalty software solution as a part of your retail business, you can retain your customers and motivate them to invest in your products by rewarding them. This intuitive loyalty solution is a great program for managing your loyalty by tracking down every purchase of your customer through your analytic reports.

Eliminate the need of integrating multiple devices for your POS and loyalty by simply linking both the software for seamless retail operations. With the help of this software, you can build a strong and trustful relationship with your customers by staying connected to them through the member app. The member app will reflect all your promotions along with other merchants.


  1. Easy Set-up: Setting up your online store can be done within minutes. Simply register your business, choose an appropriate template design for your store and get started. Start adding your product and other details to complete your online store.
  2. Customized website design: You can choose the most appropriate template design from over hundred template design using the e-commerce software solution. This e-commerce website can be linked to your POS and loyalty software.
  3. Manage e-commerce order: Operating e-commerce orders is very simple with this software solution. You can simply manage all your sales from your dashboard.
  4. Smart Product Add: Add products on your e-commerce store by simply following the instructions. You can add detailed information of your products such as attributes (color, style, size and more), inventory status, supplier name, product images, branch availability and other variants too.
  5. Promotions: If you are running a sale in your outlet, you can link it to your e-commerce store and offer the same discount to your online customers. This way you will be able to implement promotion in both POS and e-commerce software.
  6. Content management system: Your e-commerce store can be customized in terms of content, pictures, videos and addition of more products at any time through a CMS system. Through this system you can roll out sales and promotions.
  7. Blogging: Content is basically the heart and soul of all websites. Add meaningful blogs and other content to your e-commerce store to keep your customers motivated. You can provide valuable information about shipping, product information and more through CMS.
  8. Integrated payment gateway: Like all other e-commerce stores, your online store can also receive payments when customers buy your products online. The payment can be made through credit card, debit card and net banking.
  9. Free POS Software: This is probably the best retail software solution in the world that will help you manage both your online and in-store orders through a single platform. The free POS software can be integrated to your e-commerce store for seamless retail operations.
  10. Free loyalty software: besides adding POS software to your e-commerce store, you can also add Loyera’s loyalty software at zero cost. With the help of this software, you can retain your existing customers and also acquire new ones.

An integrated e-commerce solution

There are many software solutions in the world that offer a good point of sales system with a loyalty solution too. Loyera, is the only solution in the world that not provides an excellent loyalty and POS software but also an e-commerce platform. Your e-commerce store can be built from a hundred template option for both web and mobile views. Like any e-commerce store, you can add products, inventory information and shipping information for your customers.

This e-commerce store can easily be integrated with both loyalty and POS software to simplify the management of both online and in-store sales. You can also consolidate your inventory data for your staff members and your customers. This will enable the staff members to track all orders and manage the overall sales.


  1. Free: You can enjoy this intuitive loyalty program for free. Loyera aims at supporting small scale and mid-scale businesses to streamline their sales and promote their business among their existing customers.
  2. Easy integration: Simply integrate this program with your POS and e-commerce store by opting for the Loyera suite. As soon as you complete setting up your software, you can start rewarding your customers instantly.
  3. Single device management: Most software solutions that you will come across require dedicated hardware devices. Loyera, on the on the contrary, is the first software in the world that seamlessly works on any device, mobile, iPad, tablet, laptops.
  4. Perfect fit for all businesses: Irrespective of the size of the business or the industry in which it operates, Loyera has something for everyone. It is in great sync with businesses of all types and nature.
  5. Flexible reward redemption: Unlike many software solutions, your customers can redeem their loyalty rewards in all your branches, across the world. This is a great way of encouraging customers to collect points by increasing their basket size.
  6. Internet Independent: If you are located in a building that often experiences patchy internet connections, you are probably struggling with processing sales a lot of times. You can overcome this challenge by signing up with this software as it operates smoothly on offline mode.
  7. Cloud based solution: Accessing your data from any part of the world is a great feature that very less software offer. With this program, you can remotely log into your account and check your sales on any device you like.
  8. Build your reward program: Businesses can choose to build their loyalty model by configuring how much sales percentage will be passed on to the customers as reward points.
  9. Add customers instantly: Merchants can instantly add customers to their loyalty program by scanning their QR code after getting the customers to download the app on their mobile phones.
  10. Become a local champion: If you own a business that majorly gets its sales from the local public, you can roll out special discounts for them and become a local champion.

Wrapping up

Loyera was launched to empower businesses to seamlessly operate their point of sales, retain their customers by running an intuitive program and also cater to the online customers on one single platform, all of this without buying expensive hardware devices such as cash registers, barcode scanners and more.

Businesses throughout the world can hugely benefit by using this cloud-based solution without investing any money. We are catering to over 50 industries, including hospitality, healthcare, wellness centers, shopping arcades and more. If you are unable to find your business in our list of industries, simply get in touch with us by filling in the query form.

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