A lot has been said and written about what businesses should expect from a Customer Loyalty Program Software solution. Businesses assume that customers – one of the most important stakeholders in the process – will make do with any loyalty solution, as long as they get to save a few bucks. However, customers have a clear set of expectations from loyalty program software solutions today. Let’s take a look at a few of them:


This might seem like a no-brainer, but several loyalty programs fail to offer any real value to their customers. Businesses need to offer their customers tangible rewards and savings to make them realize that being a part of the loyalty network is a lucrative proposition. Any Customer Loyalty Program Software solution must clearly communicate to customers the money they have saved, the rewards they have earned, and the points they have redeemed. Businesses can send customers real-time updates of transactions, customer activity summary, and have a dedicated customer platform that allows them to view and manage their rewards.

Personalized Offers

Customers expect offers and deals which are relevant to them. They do not want their inbox or phone flooded with offers which are of no significance, and only want information which they can act upon. Loyalty management solutions should thus analyze customer activity and data meticulously to decipher choices and trends, and target customers based on their preferences. Furthermore, customers also want a variety of rewards and expect the right to exercise a choice between them. Hence, the loyalty program should be designed in a way that allows customers to redeem their loyalty points in different ways.

To Feel Valued

If your customers do not feel valued or cared for, they aren’t likely to engage with your customer loyalty program. Since there are countless brands and businesses vying for customer attention and loyalty today, a lot depends on how customers feel when they shop at a store. A loyalty program solution needs to frequently remind customers of special offers and deals, and go beyond monetary benefits to inculcate a feeling of being valued. Businesses must identify their most loyal and frequent customers and reward them with special offers in order to express their gratitude.

Seamless Experience

Finally, customers expect a seamless shopping experience. They want an intelligent alignment of purchases and rewards and expect your Customer Loyalty Program Software to be intuitive in order to help them make smart choices. Furthermore, they expect promotions and marketing communication to be in sync with in-store offers. Information regarding eligibility for certain rewards, redeeming points, terms and conditions must be explicit in order to remove ambiguity and confusion. Businesses should ensure that customers do not face any challenge while redeeming their loyalty points. Additionally, they should elicit customer feedback and reviews to continually enhance the shopping experience.

Thus, customers want loyalty solutions to facilitate a beneficial, personalized, valuable, enjoyable and seamless shopping experience for them. Intelligent cloud-based loyalty solutions like Loyera can offer businesses and their customers an unmatched loyalty experience.

What other expectations do customers have from a loyalty solution? Let us know!

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