There are many restaurant POS software solutions that allow customers to make purchases or place orders using devices and kiosks that they can operate themselves. Quick service restaurants (QSRs) and fast casual restaurants around the globe are moving fast, in line with McDonald’s, to install self-service devices. These devices can be tablets or order screens/kiosks placed in restaurants or it may be smartphones used by customers.

As per Tillster’s Self-Service Kiosk Index, 60% of patrons of QSR and Fast causal restaurants will visit them more, if they offer self-ordering kiosks.

Self-order screens also offer various business merits including low manpower cost, efficiency in information transfer, reduced customer service time, and low sales and up-selling cost.

Here are a few ways in which restaurants and many other businesses are using self-checkout POS systems to ensure that customers are serviced timely, efficiently, and cost-effectively to maximize revenue.

Simple, step-by-step ordering

POS software solutions used in self-order tablets, kiosks and smartphones are designed intuitively to allow patrons to order food easily and quickly. The whole process of ordering food is broken into very simple steps, so that customers can conveniently and successfully place orders and pay for them.


POS software solutions designed for self-ordering devices allow businesses to recommend products to customers to up-sell. This helps businesses increase the basket size of customers without spending a lot on effective sales staff. POS software solutions recommend items to customers in an intuitive manner.


Integration with kitchen display systems

Self-ordering kiosks are integrated with kitchen display systems through POS software functionalities, so that exchange of information is efficient and smooth. It helps businesses cut down spendings on intra-organisation communication software and eliminates chances of errors in order processing.


POS software solutions collect data from kiosks and self-ordering tablets and smartphones. They offer analytics to managers to take business decisions based on scientific data. Data like customer contact information, preferences, and payment & buying behaviour is collected through self-ordering kiosks to enable management to take successful decisions.

Mobile ordering and pickup

With the help of flexible self-ordering POS software, users can even place orders online. They can visit stores to make payment at kiosks or pay online and collect food from restaurant counters. This helps in reducing checkout time of customers and also reduces manpower cost involved in selling and up-selling.

Flexible payment options

Self-order POS systems allow users to make payments through credit & debit cards, net banking, mobile wallets, PayPal, etc. This allows customers to complete transactions using the most convenient payment options for them. This helps in successful completion of more orders.


Integration with back-office management software

A good POS software also integrates self-ordering devices with back-office management, so that inventory, staff and operations can be managed seamlessly. This helps in keeping all the stakeholders on the same page, which improves efficiency of restaurant and cuts down costs resulting from inefficiencies.

Customer loyalty programs

Customer loyalty programs are also integrated on self-ordering kiosks to retain and attract customers. It lets existing customer earn and redeem reward points, so that they are encouraged to visit your restaurants again and again. Existing satisfied customers can even be encouraged through rewards to recommend new customers.

The above activities are undertaken with the help of restaurant POS software solutions used with self-ordering kiosks, tablets and smartphones to achieve business goals of earning maximum customer satisfaction and revenue.

Restaurants are increasingly turning to self-ordering kiosks and devices because of the convenience, cost-effectiveness and efficiency they entail.

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