A hotel software helps you in simplifying your daily hotel operations, managing your staff, and increasing your revenue. Also, operating a hotel software plays an essential role in determining the success of your hotel business.

If you are integrating new technology, it must be suitable for your hotel requirements. Your current hotel software, for instance, should keep progressing with your growing needs and expanding business goals. However, if there is no improvement in any of these, your existing hotel management software is as good as dead, or ready to expire in a few days. 

You need to be careful about your hotel software going to be dead. Else, the dead software will take your business down the hill, and its uncertain outcomes may leave you sheerly aghast. 

Get alert before it’s too late and replace your current hotel software with a new hotel POS software before the former one becomes unresponsive and starts showing the signs of ageing. 

The question is, how will you determine those ageing signs?

Here, in this post, figure out seven ageing signs of your existing hotel software that calls for an upgrade with a new POS software right away –

Your hotel software does not automate your daily operations

Having a hotel software helps you automate your day-to-day hotel operations. However, despite having your old software, you have to complete most of your hotel tasks manually. Don’t you think it’s a high time to replace it? 

It might appear useful to you if your existing hotel software works well with automating a few hotel management tasks. However, with its limitations, the software may fail to automate a lot of complex operations including housekeeping, management, guest engagement, hotel marketing, and many more.

Also, your existing software may even have to struggle with confusing interfaces, slow outcomes, many technical bugs and unsatisfactory results. With these many flaws, it can be said that instead of making your work easier; your hotel software is continually making your job difficult. 

The ideal hotel software, on the other hand, should put all your departments in sync and bring all the controls at your fingertips. With this type of software, many of your hotel operations get entirely automated. Running and managing your hotel business, for instance, gets easier, faster, and more efficient. 

Moreover, these systems allow you and your staff to position a communication web among all the departments. Hence, there will be fewer chances of having unreasonable errors, which is contrary to your present hotel software. 

Your hotel software does not have enough third-party integration

Third-party integrations, like financial accounting software, payment gateways, key card door locks, and several others are important for smooth hotel operations. However, majority of hoteliers operate these integrations separately because their existing software cannot be integrated with these solutions. 

Operating third-party integrations separately involves a lot of human intervention; even the synchronization of the data gets difficult. Therefore, the ways of managing a hotel business have changed over the years. 

Today, hoteliers prefer smart hotel management software that seamlessly integrates with their third-party solutions. That way, their data gets consolidated at the core, which is contradictory to a system of non-integrated solutions. 

If you have spent a lot of time and money after managing your data with several systems, give a try to a new hotel management software, that can bring all your solutions to one system and can also save much of your time, money, and effort. 

Moreover, if your existing hotel software has limited third-party integrations that make you look outside your scope of capability, it’s the right time to trade it with a new billing software for hotel.

Your hotel software does not offer any time, anywhere access

Majority of hoteliers still spend their time behind a desktop-based hotel management software. It makes no difference because these systems anyway require a lot of maintenance that requires substantial expenses. 

However, most hotel management systems are developed not only to automate your operations but also to make your work easier and simpler. Loyera – a free POS software is one of them that can trespass all these limitations

Besides abating the limitations, the software also lets you operate your hotel from anywhere and at any time with secure internet connectivity. Hence, it makes for a strong reason to change your current hotel software. 

Your hotel software does not help you with the guest experience

When your existing hotel software is not helping you in imparting the best guest experience, it’s time to replace it with a new hotel POS software. 

Apparently, you do not only need to provide all the necessary comforts to your guests but also need to engage with your guests from time to time. Also, understand their preferences and serve them accordingly. If your hotel software is not assisting you with this, it’s not the right system for you.

The up-to-date hotel management software helps you streamline all your errands and let you indulge in much interactive guest engagement. The software helps you know your guests’ preferences with an exclusive self-service guest portal. 

Offering your guests a personalized experience becomes easier because this guest portal helps you note down your guests’ preferences and also allows them to direct the course of their stay with you. The software also helps you to re-engage with your guests with email marketing.

Your hotel software does not help you control overbooking

One of the most significant problems that hoteliers face these days is getting hotel overbooking. If your current hotel software, in this case, is not helping you to control them, you should consider replacing it on a serious note.

The hotel software sometimes fails to have seamless integration with the channel manager. Hence, hoteliers don’t get centralized control over their entire hotel inventory. Owing to this situation, hoteliers will also have no control over the hotel bookings that they may receive from different sources. Therefore, they end up with faulty inventory updates and tons of hotel overbooking.

An ideal POS software, on the other hand, can be seamlessly integrated with a channel manager to have real-time updates of your room inventory from all the channels. With such integrations, hoteliers can not only receive updates from OTAs but also other sources such as walk-ins and offline travel agents. That way, they can utilize their inventory completely and lesser the chances of hotel overbooking.

Therefore, if your hotel software is not helping you with overbooking, it’s a good time to swap it with a new hotel billing software. 

Your hotel software does not get all-in-one solutions from a single vendor

Ideally, your hotel software must give you an all-in-one hotel technology. Whether it’s about managing your hotel operations, receiving direct bookings, handling online inventory distribution across all the channels or any other such concern, your hotel software must help you with all the solutions.

Absence of seamless integration among different hotel technology solutions, can lead to problems. You need to find a unique solution to every other trouble that comes your way. This might be tricky and frustrating for you, and might even gets worse if your software provider company does not offer you all the important services. Therefore, it is rightly said that picking up the right vendor company is equally important to finding the right hotel POS software. 

Your hotel software does have poor software support

Excellent customer support plays a vital role in managing the hotel software system. However, in earlier times, most hotel POS software were on-premise, which regularly needed extensive as well as expensive upgrades. Also, many hotel software provider companies demanded a hefty amount of fees for providing software support. 

Today, the scenario is changing. Vendors go the extra mile to serve their customers 24x7x365 and for free. These vendors try to help with every possible problem that you may face with the software.

To make your hotel management software user-friendly, a few companies even help you with the complete on-boarding and implementation of the software. They help you understand all the features and functions of the software, assist you with the updates, and even look after your user-experience in every possible way. 

Having said that, if your hotel software provider company is not making any efficient effort in providing any of these services, it’s time to get a new billing software for your hotel business. 

The final note

Consider replacing your hotel billing software if it is showing any of the signs mentioned above. You should get a new loyalty program software for your hotel to give your business a boost.

With the passing time, your old hotel software can lead to revenue loss and hamper your hotel reputation.

Switching to a new POS software requires considerable investment, time, efforts, and risk. However, it’s worthy if you pick up the right hotel billing software. 

Besides choosing the right software, you also need to check on your competitors because as of now, businesses are preferring a software system that is smart, user-friendly, transparent and helps them in growing.

Still not convinced to replace your old age hotel software system? There are probabilities that you might just lag in fascinating guests and lose a good deal of valuable business revenue. 

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